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We support organizations to identify and formulate external and internal standards, laws and regulations that they must comply with in order to avoid unnecessary losses and ensure consistently high quality goods and services not necessarily at high cost.

in the last 20 years, we have helped businesses on Accounting Outsourcing and Cloud Accounting, Forensic Accounting, Internal Audit, Value for Money Audit and Taxation advisory.

Accounting Outsourcing and Cloud Accounting

We work with you to produce management information that best suits the needs of your business and your management team. We assist in bookkeeping services, preparation of management accounts and reports, preparation of statutory accounts for audit, setup of accounting systems, preparation of budgets and cash flow forecasts, review of business plans and financial modeling.

We assist you prepare financial information that is accurate, complete and timely in line with GAAP, IFRS and IPSAS. With cloud accounting, information is accessed via the internet.

Benefits include instant access to the same real time data; comparison of the business plan to the actual results.

Forensic Accounting

As wage levels fail to keep pace with the rising cost of living, we are seeing record levels of workplace corruption, ranging from fiddling expenses through to calculated criminal activity. Any behavior that illicitly deprives an organization of money or assets is fraud. Fraud is on the increase, forensic audit is the ultimate recourse.

Internal Audit

Every organization requires the services of internal audit. For effective Internal controls system to yield tangible results a good degree of segregation is necessary. This is not possible because of the size of some organizations. We tailor for you reasonable internal audit plan to be offered periodically. This way, there will be an assurance that internal controls are effective. Outsourced internal audit ensures broad professional experience, objectivity and cost effectiveness

Value for Money Audit

We conduct an independent evidence-based investigation examining and reporting on whether economy, effectiveness and efficiency has been achieved in the use of resources. We examine and advise on entities’ ability to discharge their responsibilities and control their costs by ensuring that resources are managed at the lowest cost and that activities are organized efficiently, with transparency and accountability.


We support clients meet their statutory obligations regarding taxes and other levies both national and local by comprehensively identifying all relevant taxes and levies and advising clients of any changes on a timely basis as well as computing and filing tax returns. We also assist multinationals address issues of transfer pricing and management of global costs to ensure optimization of taxes paid without violation of national and international best practices.